Here you can learn our "#KLM Pledge". Throughout all of the challenges you will be expected to say the pledge with no help. If you want to earn fun prizes and more it is important that you memorize our "#KLM Pledge" and believe it because it's true!


Today I know I matter
My choices are mine and mine alone 
If I am to succeed 
I must take responsibility for my actions 
I am more than you can see 
I'm the product of something Divine 
No one can put me down unless I let them
Because today I know I matter!!!


I'm participating in a challenge

to be more responsible ,more respectful

and do better in school so I can win

some fun prizes, get free admission to


CHALLENGE" and meet my favorite

dance artist. I need your support.

How much are you willing to donate to 

help me succeed. 

Here, Brooklyn, from Hip-Hope's "Cool Krew", is giving an example of the "KLM Pledge" Part II. Kids, memorize this part of the pledge and share it with your parents and their friends so you can win extra fun prizes. Good luck!



Now that you have memorized our "#KLM Pledge" you are ready to move on to our "KLM Challenges" . Push the button and get ready to Win! Win! Win!!!

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